Base-X in a Nutshell

Base-X offers a new and fundamentally open digital foundation for system innovations. Base-X optimises the use and exchange of data and thus paves the way for new networked, intelligent and sustainable applications.

Base-X is already characterised by the following properties:

  • Scalable: The ability to efficiently extend solutions to different sizes and domains to meet the needs of a growing number of users and use cases.
  • International: An approach that promotes the exchange and integration of data across national borders to support a coherent and comprehensive data landscape.
  • Economic: Creating value for all stakeholders by fostering innovation and enabling new digitally-driven business models.

Base-X 101

Base-X is an advanced integration system designed to enable a seamless connection between existing infrastructures such as databases and data systems and a Gaia-X compliant Data Space. This integration layer is crucial as it forms the basis for the development of interoperable applications and services. These can draw from a variety of data sources that would not be compatible without Base-X. This is a key aspect of promoting comprehensive and effective data exchange within the Gaia-X framework.
A significant advantage of Base-X is its ability to support applications that not only work in limited domains such as individual cities, but can also be easily scaled to other domains or application areas. This not only increases the cost-effectiveness of application development through wider deployment, but also opens up additional commercial opportunities. The scalability and flexibility of Base-X thus make a significant contribution to promoting innovation and overall economic growth.

Structure of Base-X

The Base-X architecture is closely orientated towards the Gaia-X framework. This orientation ensures that Base-X is in line with the guiding principles and standards of Gaia-X in terms of interoperability, security and compliance with European data protection and privacy standards. Base-X consists of various core services that can be used to instantiate a Data Space. These services are fundamental to creating a robust and flexible data ecosystem that supports a wide range of use cases.
An outstanding feature of Base-X is its innovative semantic model. This model makes it possible to map a wide range of use cases in different domains without developing new ontologies. Instead, it builds on existing ontologies, which simplifies the development process and ensures compatibility with existing systems. This semantic model provides a standardised format that enables the development of semantic solutions not only for experts, but also for developers without specific background knowledge. This accessibility is further supported by various Base-X toolings that facilitate continuous development and implementation.
The combination of these features makes Base-X an integral part of modern data ecosystems. It enables efficient and effective utilisation of data across different platforms and industries, fostering the development of a connected, intelligent and sustainable digital ecosystem in line with the Gaia-X principles. Base-X is thus at the centre of efforts to create a unified, interoperable and secure European data infrastructure network.

The Goal of Base-X

Our mission is clear: to establish a scalable digital ecosystem that revolutionizes smart mobility services. Our contribution is designed to tackle the challenges of modern mobility head-on, facilitating efficient management of transport infrastructures, seamless integration of automated vehicles, and the realization of multimodal travel chains.
Key Goals
  1. Smart Management of Transport Infrastructures: Base-X enables intelligent management of transport infrastructures, optimizing resources and enhancing operational efficiency.
  2. Introduction and Integration of Automated Vehicles: We facilitate the seamless integration of automated vehicles into existing transportation networks, paving the way for safer and more efficient mobility solutions.
  3. Realization of Multimodal Travel Chains: Base-X empowers users to effortlessly navigate through various modes of transportation, creating interconnected travel experiences that are convenient and reliable.
How We Achieve It:
  • Breaking Down Data Silos: We break down traditional data silos and transform them into the building blocks of digital data and service ecosystems, fostering collaboration and innovation across the industry.
  • Creating a Sustainable IT Basis: Our community provides a sustainable IT foundation for the widespread adoption of smart mobility services, ensuring accessibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes.
  • Facilitating Technology Transfer: We offer direct know-how and technology transfer to companies, empowering them to leverage cutting-edge mobility services and drive innovation in the market.
Join the community in shaping the future of mobility with Base-X. Together, we can build a smarter, more connected world.