… is Base-X?

Base-X is an innovative, open digital platform dedicated to breaking down data silos and making data and services accessible and understandable. As a driving force behind digital sovereignty, Base-X fosters trust in data handling and plays a crucial role in the digital transformation of the transportation system. The platform serves as a foundation for new, digitally supported, and interconnected mobility and logistics offerings and is continuously developed collaboratively.



Base-X is designed to flexibly adapt to different application areas and sizes to meet the needs of a growing user base.

International Networking

Base-X promotes cross-border data exchange and integration to support a coherent global data landscape.

Economic Efficiency

Base-X drives the development of new business models and promotes economic growth through the creation of an open and interoperable ecosystem.

Advantages of Base-X over conventional data platforms

  • Openness and Interoperability: Base-X is based on open standards, enabling high interoperability between various data sources and services.
  • Promotion of Sovereignty and Trust: Through transparent and secure mechanisms, all participants maintain control over their data, which strengthens trust in the platform.
  • Support for Sustainable and Efficient Mobility: Base-X enables innovations such as connected mobility offerings and proactive management of transport infrastructures, contributing to more environmentally friendly and efficient mobility.

Base-X Introduction

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… are we?

Base-X is currently at the forefront of collaborative development, with over 80 partners actively contributing to its progress and the creation of the first applications built upon it.



Public Sector

There’s a vibrant exchange of ideas and knowledge, not only within national boundaries but also on an broader international level. Collaborative efforts are underway with projects and organizations like Catena-X, NeMo.bil, and Transfer-X. Furthermore, Base-X is reaching global dimensions by working with international partners and entities such as the Korean Ministry of Transportation, the City of Daegu, Gaia-X Hub USA, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, and other prominent Gaia-X flagship projects. This widespread cooperation is driving Base-X towards a transformative future in digital mobility and logistics solutions.


… is the Goal?

Base-X serves as a fundamental marketplace for new digital and interconnected mobility and logistics offerings. It is designed to be scalable, supporting economically viable business models. Moreover, Base-X is freely available and developed collaboratively, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation to meet evolving needs.

Unlocking Data

Data Clarity

Trusted Security

Digital Pathway